RMT members hold day of nationwide protests

RMT members are today will holding a series of protests calling for a publicly-owned and nationally-integrated railway.

The protests at more than 30 stations across the UK, take place on the day that the increase in rail  fares on Britain’s railways is announced.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “RMT activists and supporters will be calling for our railways to be run as an affordable and accessible public service and not for private profit. Every year, millions of pounds are siphoned out of the system as private shareholder profit rather than being reinvested in the network.

“Only 10% of stations are fully staffed but yet UK passengers pay some of the highest fares in Europe.

“Thie increase announced this month will only serve to make the rail network less affordable and accessible for the travelling public. Privatisation is at odds with a sustainable rail network – we need a publicly owned and nationally integrated railway now.”

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