Sainsbury workers announce new strike date

Usdaw members at Sainsbury’s Waltham Point distribution centre are next week to go back on strike over changes to their attendance policy.

They took action last month, and will do so again on July 25.

Usdaw divisional officer Nigel Scully said: “Usdaw is frustrated and disappointed that the company are still not prepared to discuss the key issues we cannot agree on and have been unable to come up with an acceptable offer regarding the attendance scheme on site.

“Individuals do get ill and/or injured and need to be in a position where they can recover without having to worry whether they will be getting paid. The company’s changes mean that our members, including many who have given significant years’ service, could quickly end up without any sick pay, meaning that financial worries are likely to be added to any other issues they are going through.

“This industrial action is a last resort following many meetings where we have tried to work with the company to find an agreement. We continue to call on the company to enter serious negotiations and ensure that our members have adequate sick pay provisions in line with other staff across the Sainsbury’s estate including our retail members.”

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