Sellafield bosses urged to avoid nuclear strike

SellafieldGMB negotiators are today meeting senior management at Sellafield for last-ditch talks to avert a firefighters’ strike.

The dispute over pay grading has been going on for several years, with firefighters voted overwhelmingly for a series of 24-hour strikes, but now talks have broken down.

GMB senior organiser Chris Jukes said: “GMB’s Sellafield firefighters have reached the end of their tether after years of working above and beyond their paid role. We are now at the point of last ditch talks if a strike on the site is to be averted.

“The role firefighters carry out is absolutely essential to the safety of those who work on the Sellafield site and the wider public for miles around. Sellafield’s firefighters are considered to be among the best in the country, yet this is not reflected in the grading of their pay.

“Quite simply, the firefighters are seeing their terms and conditions go up in flames. No one wants to take industrial action, but the pig-headed attitude of Sellafield’s management, and their unfair application of the job evaluation scheme, has left GMB members with no alternative but to stand up for themselves.

“We urge Sellafield Ltd to get round the table with a decent offer today so we can move forward without the need for strikes.”

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