Take it or leaf it – RMT wins Tube seasonal casualisation battle

leaf leavesThe RMT has claimed a “major” victory for Tube workers after bosses pulled back plans that would have opened the door to casualisation and the creation of a two-tier workforce.


Union reps successfully fought off bosses’ attempts to employ agency staff during the three-month leaf-fall period, instead securing 35 new jobs on fully-employed contracts.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “Discussions with RMT reps regarding rostering during the 3 month leaf fall period have concluded with an agreement covering the next two years to allow extra lifting work due to the leaf fall season for 2017 and 2018.

“The issue has been considered by RMT’s National Executive Committee, which has congratulated all Piccadilly Line fleet members and reps on waging a spirited and effective dispute leading to success in resisting the implementation of a two tier workforce through the introduction of 35 new members of staff on two year fixed term contracts.

“Every aspect of our joint strategy has been achieved including no use of agency staff, any redeployment being temporary and solely within the Tube Lines/LUL family, no onerous rosters and ultimately, the 35 new starters now on fully employed contracts.

“This victory has proved once again that the combination of a militant approach by a strong, industrial union backed by tough and skilled negotiators can deliver the goods for working people.”

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