TSSA welcomes Labour’s Brexit talk walkout

TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes has welcomed Labour’s announcement that they have ended talks with the government over Brexit and called on Jeremy Corbyn’s Party to “fight tooth and nail” for a confirmatory vote on any deal put to MPs by the Tories.

Manuel Cortes said: “Our party has done the right thing in walking away from these meaningless talks. Theresa May never had the authority and was never going to give in to our demands for a Customs Union, protection of workers’ rights and alignment with the Single Market. And now we also know that she is only weeks away from leaving office.

“We are under a week away from elections to the European Parliament and our message to the British public must be that Labour will fight tooth and nail to ensure any Tory deal is put to a confirmatory vote.

“May and her zombie government fail our country each and every day and have monumentally failed on Brexit. The Tories must go and go now – we need a general election and a Labour government.”

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