Tube cleaners denied right to strike despite 98% ballot result

Despite over 98% of RMT ABM tube cleaner members voting for strike action in a ballot announced today they are to be denied the right to fight for basic workplace justice as they failed by less than 2% to meet the arbitrary thresholds of the Tory anti-union laws.

RMT has denounced the toxic combination of the anti-union laws and a hostile and aggressive management as a fundamental attac‎k on basic human rights that has stolen the opportunity for tube cleaners to stand up against a two tier workforce system that robs them of pensions, sick pay, travel and other benefits.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “Despite an overwhelming vote for action we have failed to meet the arbitrary thresholds set by the government and the fact that the tube cleaners will now be denied the right to strike is wholly down to the toxic combination of the Tory anti-union laws and a bullying and hostile environment created by ABM.

“RMT will review the situation but no one should be under any illusions. This fight for workplace justice goes on and we will be stepping up the pressure on the London Mayor to end the scandal of the two-tier workforce on London Underground.”

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