TUFAC gives ‘hand relief’ to NHS workers

The Trade Union Football and Alcohol Committee (TUFAC) has donated bottles of ‘hand relief’ to NHS workers.

The organisation secured a contract to produce the hand sanitiser and, by selling individual bottles through its website, has managed to reduce the cost to unions and, in one case, make a donation to NHS workers. You can buy an individual bottle here, or a pack of 70 bottles here.

The GMB was the first union to benefit from the arrangement, with 70 bottles sent to members in North West England.

GMB’s political officer for the North West Neil Smith said: “They have really stepped up for us. TUFAC are a magnificent bunch at the best of times and though we are running them ragged, we all want to make sure GMB members are getting as much support and protection as possible. That is what a union does.”

A spokesperson for TUFAC told union-news.co.uk: “Our regular customers have bought singles which has allowed us to give them to unions for as little as possible. It’s amazing how many of our front line workers still don’t have access to somethings like hand sanitiser.

“The GMB has really stepped up for its members. They are on the phone all the time making sure their members have as much protection as possible. Where we can, we give it for free. We are all trade unionists. It’s socialism or barbarism as far as we are concerned.”

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