Union rep sacked while at family funeral

Unite rep Ian Allinson was yesterday sacked while taking compassionate leave to attend a family funeral.

Ian Allinson is chair of Unite in Fujitsu and has successfully led a succession of strikes at the company over compulsory redundancies, victimisation of reps, and breaking redundancy agreements.

A new ballot for further strike action closes today at noon after the failure of talks between bosses and the union, which was seeking to halt the redundancy process for six members, and to address concerns that the company is discriminating against active union members.

Yesterday, while Ian Allinson was attending a funeral, bosses sent him a letter telling him Friday would be his last day.

He told union-news.co.uk: “I’ve got over 30 years service and they aren’t even letting me work my notice. I have an outstanding internal job application they haven’t responded to yet. I feel disgusted and angry. It’s no way to show compassion.”

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7 Responses to Union rep sacked while at family funeral

  1. Colin Walker says:

    What a disgrace and what heartless timing. Solidarity Ian. Fujitsu should back down immediately.

  2. Greg says:

    Despicable Underhanded behaviour from the Fujitsu company which is obviously only interested in profits and retaliation on important union members who dare to fight for workers rights!30 years loyal service and that’s how they repay their employees! good luck for the future Ian Allinson!

  3. Graham Symonds says:

    Don’t know much about your particular experience,but had the same many years ago. Looks like they will settle, take what you can and go on.all the best.

  4. Michael Davies says:

    Solidarity ✊ comrade

  5. Lisa-Marie Derbyshire says:

    This is a shameful thing to have done, during a family funeral. Obviously. Fujitsu have no compassion for their staff, irrespective of the years of service they have given to the company. Shameful.

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