Unions’ new Brexit stance: we publish the TULO document in full

union-news.co.uk today publishes the Brexit position document agreed by unions following a meeting with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The twelve unions affiliated to the Labour Party – ASLEF, BFAWU, Community, CWU, FBU, GMB, MU, NUM, TSSA, UNISON, Unite and Usdaw – on Monday backed a referendum on any deal agreed by the Tory government or a no-deal exit from the EU.

The document, which has been credited with shifting Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit position, reads:

Scenario 1

The Labour Party should confirm that whatever deal is negotiated by the new Tory Prime Minister or an exit based on no deal should be put to the people in a public confirmatory vote. The options must be:

1 Accepting the deal or a Tory no deal in the knowledge of its terms

2 Remaining in the European Union

In this event, the Labour Party should campaign to remain in the European Union

Scenario 2

In the event that a general election is called, Labour’s manifesto position should be:

Negotiating with the European Union to respect the Brexit vote from 2016, reflecting the negotiating priorities that Labour has outlined.

Any final Labour deal should then be put back to the people. The options on the ballot paper should be:

1 Accepting the Labour negotiated deal

2 Remaining in the European Union

The Labour Party’s campaigning position on such a ballot should depend on the deal negotiated.


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