Usdaw protests outside Boohoo Burnley site over recognition

Usdaw members and supporters are today – two hundred years after the Peterloo massacre – campaigning outside Boohoo’s Burnley site to call on the company to recognise the union.

Usdaw divisional officer for the North West Mike Aylward said: “We remember all those brave people who two hundred years ago took a stand against famine and chronic unemployment.

“In the face of the Corn Laws, which caused dramatic increases in food prices because of tariffs on imports, working people lacked the representation in parliament to voice their desperation and secure a better deal. 200 years later, because of their efforts and sacrifices, working people are now represented in Parliament where their issues and concerns are heard.

“However even when Parliament expresses concerns and makes recommendations to help working people, some businesses feel they can ignore MPs and carry on denying staff an independent trade union voice at work. A prime example is Burnley and Manchester based online clothes retailer Boohoo, who claim to speak on behalf of their staff and refuse to recognise Usdaw.

“While Boohoo markets itself as a modern and trendy retailer, their attitude towards industrial relations is more 1819 than 2019. The least we expect from an ethical employer is that the staff are able to be fully represented by an independent trade union, if that is what they want. Stopping Usdaw from speaking to Boohoo workers, refusing to meet with us and telling your staff to bin our leaflets is not acceptable or ethical.

“So while we celebrate the achievements of past campaigners and commemorate those who made the ultimate sacrifice at Peterloo, we must never allow standards to slip, hard fought for gains to be lost and a race to the bottom on workers’ rights.”

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