“We stand for fairness for every driver” – ASLEF members on strike today

ASLEF members are today on strike on the District Line in a dispute over the handling of a driver’s alleged safety breaches.

Despite talks at ACAS, the action is taking place after the union claimed London Underground bosses “refused to acknowledge they have failed to follow their own procedures; threatened a disciplinary hearing to make a driver “agree” to be redeployed; and now refuse to talk to his union”.

ASLEF organiser Finn Brennan told union-news.co.uk: “As always. London Underground will claim this is an ‘unnecessary dispute’ and try to blame our members and reps for the disruption caused. But the truth is that they have ignored every offer we have made to discuss this dispute and have refused even to meet with us on the issue since January.

“It is a strike London Underground has chosen to provoke because they are not prepared to admit their failures to follow their own procedures or to find a sensible way forward. I am proud of the fact that our members at Acton Town are prepared to take this action and sacrifice their own earnings to support a colleague.

“They are demonstrating that ASLEF stand for fairness for every driver. I look forward to joining them on the picket line this morning and know that every ASLEF member will give them your full support.”

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