WIN! Abellio performs U-turn after denying staff union rights


tssaRail company Abellio is to open its doors to the TSSA after initially failing to response to a request for union reps to talk to staff.

Staff working in the Dutch firm’s Fort William-based call-centre will tomorrow morning be visited by two TSSA organisers having previously been denied union rights since the ScotRail franchise was taken over in April 2015.

TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes said: “TSSA is the union which represents clerical and back office staff across the rail and transport industries. Theses days that includes call-centres.

“We should have definitely been allowed access from Day One to enable the Fort William staff to excercise their right to choose whether to belong to a union. In my experience, bosses who block their employees access to trades union representation, however nice they may seem in person, always playing a game of divide and rule with their staff. Its why collective representation and bargaining works better for employees and always makes happier workplaces.

“Trades union rights mean an employees do not have to depend on personal individual favours, the kindness, or the personality of the boss. Trade union rights are about one thing and one thing only: fairness at work, safety at work and maintaining employees right to a work-life balance.”

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