WIN! Sacked ‘fried egg’ porter reinstated

GMB Ilford Aldren Tomlinson fried eggAldren Tomlinson, the hospital porter sacked after being accused of stealing his breakfast, has been reinstated following a GMB campaign.

Tomlinson, who has worked at King George Hospital in Ilford for 15 years, last week lost his job for allegedly stealing company property – a £4 breakfast – following a misunderstanding over payment in the hospital canteen.

His dismissal by his employer Sodexo, generated much anger among his colleagues who are GMB members. Hundreds signed petitions and held meetings to discuss strike action and protest to ensure Aldren was reinstated.

The reinstatement came an hour before GMB were to hold a protest outside the hospital and following three days of adverse publicity generated against Sodexo by the sacking.

Aldren Tomlinson said: “If it was not for being a member of GMB I would not have got my job back. My friends and work colleagues who were prepared to go on strike are all GMB members. I am delighted at clearing my name and getting my job back.

GMB local rep Michael Dooley said: “We welcome the common sense decision to reinstate Aldren to his job as hospital porter. Dismissing a worker with a 15 year unblemished service record was not the best move Sodexo made, maybe they thought that it was acceptable but the strength of GMB came down from day one and I imagine they realised that we were not going to leave this member to his fate.”

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