Win! Victory for EIS in tribunal against City of Glasgow College

The EIS has welcomed the ruling by an Employment Tribunal that City of Glasgow College acted unlawfully in failing to consolidate a £100 pay award for the year 2015/16 for lecturers employed by the college.

The union is supporting its members through the ET process, and welcomes the ruling in the first test case which found that £100 in pay, associated with the March 2016 National Joint Negotiating Committee (NJNC) Agreement, had been unlawfully deducted by the college.

EIS general secretary Larry Flanagan said: “The ruling in this test case, brought by the EIS in the name our member Jim O’Donovan, sets a very important precedent and will have implications for other lecturers employed by the college and for lecturing staff in other colleges covered by the 2016 NJNC agreement on national pay and conditions.

“The ET ruling confirms our view that this £100 payment was an integral part of the binding 2016 national agreement and formed part of the 2015/16 pay award. The EIS is writing to all colleges covered by the agreement to advise them of the ruling, and to ask them to ensure that they have implemented the March 2016 NJNC Agreement correctly.

“As was acknowledged in the ET, the guidance on the implementation of the agreement issued by Colleges Scotland had no legal status and, therefore, any college that failed to pay lecturers this particular £100 payment as part of the 2015/16 pay award had no legal grounds for doing so. This test-case ruling is very welcome, and should now lead to all colleges that have not already done so, to implementing all aspects of the 2016 NJNC Agreement correctly, including the £100 payment.”

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