“Your days are numbered” – Prentis issues warning to the Tories

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis used his speech at the weekend’s Durham Miners’ Gala to warn the Tories their days are numbers.

Speaking in front of thousands of trade unionists in the city, he said that a million jobs delivering key services have been taken from local communities across Britain.

“And while Boris Johnson bribes the rich with the promises of more tax cuts, our elderly, our frail, our vulnerable, are suffering like never before,” he added.

And for those who asked where the money would come from to pay for the essential services they need, and UNISON members want to provide, he had an answer.

“I’ll tell you where the money can be found to end austerity,” he declared: “We, here at our Big Meeting, have a message for Boris and his like.

“Tax the rich! No more handouts to the wealthy! Stop their tax abuse; close their tax havens; make every company and bank pay their fair share.”

And he reminded the assembly: “Austerity was a political choice by the rich and powerful; a Tory elite that says ‘there is no alternative’.

“We say to the Tories today: there is an alternative. Your days are numbered. It’s time for a general election.”

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey used his speech to praise Jeremy Corbyn. You can read his comments here.

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