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The bosses have their newspapers and TV stations; we believe trade unionists need a loyal and active voice too.

union-news.co.uk was established in 2011 to report news from the UK’s trade union movement, providing an outlet for workers and their campaigns which is missing from the corporate media.

We are politically and financially independent, and are working with The Media Fund to promote independent media. We abide by the NUJ’s Code of Conduct and are regulated by Impress.

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  • union-news.co.uk editor Tim Lezard is a former president of the NUJ and former chair of the South West TUC. He has been a journalist for 34 years, reporting from Iraq, Palestine, Bolivia, Venezuela, from the refugee camps in Calais and Ukraine. A former editor of The Big Issue South West and satirical cricket monthly Johnny Miller 96*, his work has been published in the New Statesman, Tribune, Labour ResearchSearchlight, the Morning Star, Press Gazette, Venue, Firefighter, Learning Works, West Country Workers, Global Action, When Saturday Comes, Inside Edge, Activate, Rapport, Connected, The Learning Rep, Tribune, The Classic Cigar Magazine, David Lloyd Lifestyle and, somewhat bizarrely, BBC Wildlife magazine among others. He currently sits on the NUJ’s national executive and is arts editor of the union’s journal, Journalist, as well as working as a tutor for Unite and media officer for PCS. He represents the NUJ on Amnesty International’s Trade Union Network Committee, and has sat on the boards of Liberty, Unite Against Fascism and the Searchlight Educational Trust. He has written one film, The Leftfield Movie, three books – My Tolpuddle, A Silent War and Never Say Dieand edited a fourth, Nazi Terrorist.

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