As pubs open, BFAWU says: “Please don’t boycott Wetherspoons”

The BFAWU is asking for people NOT to boycott Wetherspoons, despite owner Tim Martin refusing to pay his 40,000 workers.

In March, Martin sent a video message to all staff announcing the news in which he suggested they look for work in supermarkets instead. BFAWU members reacted on-line releasing their own statement.

MPs criticised Martin for the move and within hours he had performed a U-turn, agreeing to pay the staff. But customers have not forgotten how he treated his staff, and many have pledged to boycott his pubs when they reopen today.

However, a boycott is not supported by the BFAWU, whose general secretary Sarah Woolley told “Our position is that people boycotting Wetherspoons won’t impact Tim Martin, it will only impact the workers in the pubs who will have their hours cut, lose out on bonuses and pay rises.

“They are already low paid and on precarious hours, having struggled through the pandemic on 80% pay that doesn’t take into account tips.”

And yesterday the union tweeted: “Workers will be confronted with all sorts of safety issues from getting to work and dealing with drunks. We expect pub owners to put safety first and not sack workers when they raise safety issues.”

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