BALPA members want a vote of no confidence in easyJet boss

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BALPA members have demanded a vote of no confidence in easyJet’s chief operating officer Peter Bellew.

The move comes after the firm announced 727 pilot redundancies and plans to colse their bases at Newcartle, Southend and Stansted. Peter Bellew joined easyJet from Ryanair in January.

BALPA general secretary Brian Strutton said: “This is an unusual if not unique step for BALPA to take as we prefer to do our business around the negotiating table but pilot morale in easyJet has collapsed and we’ve been inundated with calls for a vote of no confidence in Mr Bellew.

“I think easyJet is in a serious industrial relations mess and needs to start winning the hearts and minds of its pilots and other staff before it’s too late”.

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