BFAWU puts in grievance after boss tests positive for coronavirus but doesn’t tell workers

The BFAWU has put in a grievance against sandwich firm Greencore after it failed to tell workers a manager had tested positive for coronavirus.

Union members said managers at the firm’s Northampton factory had been informed, but not production staff.

BFAWU branch president Andrew Williams said the incident had caused “unnecessary stress” for workers, adding: “They are unhappy the company has only informed management to take a test and not production staff.”

Regional officer George Atwall said: “We have been lobbying hard on the issue of workplace safety and are supporting members who are having to continue working under extreme conditions during the COVID-19 crisis, without the very basic levels of health and safety. We are challenging employers who continue to ignore Public Health England and government guidance.

“However we are concerned whether a criminally-underfunded enforcement authority – the Health & Safety Executive – holds the resources necessary to act when employers failings are brought to their attention. That is why BFAWU organisation and the work of our Safety Representatives, is crucial in challenging employers to establish safe ways of working.

“Now it’s time for Greencore give key food workers a proper ‘thank you’. And that means getting money into their pockets now.! It is absolutely wrong that many of the Greencore Food heroes in the battle against coronavirus are on poverty pay.”

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