Boris Johnson poised to appoint digital media advisor who just four days ago called for an end to centralised pay bargaining

Chloe Westley, who is expected to be appointed as the Prime Minister’s digital media adviser, four days ago argued against centralised pay bargaining.

An article on, written by the Tax Payers’ Alliance campaign manager was headlined: “Public sector pay – and why centralised bargaining must end.”

Commenting on what was one of Theresa May’s last policy announcements – to give public servants a pay rise – Chloe Westley said: “In addition to building on her legacy, the Prime Minister [Theresa May] is backing the next leader into a corner on several issues – including public sector pay.”

She goes on to say any pay rises should be targeted at the lowest-paid … apart from teachers, saying: “It must be the case that a handful of teachers are not performing well. At the same time, others will have driven drastic improvements in their classes. Increasing the pay of public sector staff on the lowest incomes might sound desirable, but it also might not be especially fair in terms of performance.

“The real culprit here is centralised pay bargaining. It means that pay rises must largely be across the board. Past TPA research showed that ending centralised bargaining can save billions over time.”

She finishes by writing: “In the long term, if politicians would like to demand that pay rises go towards those on the frontline, and use them as recruitment and retention for those services or ensure they are based on performance, then centralised pay bargaining will have to be tackled.”

Chloe Westley, who has worked as head of social media for  Vote Leave, has already courted controversy by failing to reveal where the funding for the TPA comes from, and is believed to have tweeted support for the far right white supremacist Party For Britain and Ann Marie Walters.

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