Mick Cash resigns as RMT general secretary, citing harassment

Mick Cash has resigned as general secretary of the RMT, citing a campaign of harassment .

In a statement this evening he said: “It’s been an absolute honour to be elected twice as RMT general secretary and I want to thank the rank and file membership of the union for their continuing loyalty and support.

“Unfortunately factional groupings within the union have seized every opportunity to undermine and frustrate my efforts to keep the organisation focussed on delivering for our members regardless of the consequences.

“That campaign of harassment has come to a head at this AGM to the point that my authority has been systematically destroyed to such an extent that I can no longer deliver the RMT rule book functions of the general secretary and have no option but to announce my retirement.”

Mick Cash had not long returned to the post after a period of absence last year with stress after his deputy, Mick Lynch, himself took time off with stress. Lynch was replaced, in the short term, by Steve Hedley, the union’s senior assistant general secretary, who was suspended by the union’s NEC in April after being accused of saying on social media that he would throw a party if Boris Johnson died of coronavirus.

union-news.co.uk understands Mick Cash yesterday spoke against a motion to reinstate Steve Hedley, saying he would resign if it was passed.

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