BSG slams latest SpyCops delay

The Blacklist Support Group has condemned a further delay in the Mitting Undercover Policing, saying Lord Norman Tebbit would be 150 years by the time he is called to give evidence.

As the inquiry restarts Tranche 1 evidence hearings today, it was announced that the hearings planned for October 2021 are to be postponed until mid 2022 at the earliest.

The Blacklist Support Group, which elicited a confession from Tebbit that he had received Special Branch reports about trade union activists, said the former Secretary of State would be 150 by the time he came to give evidence based on the current rate of delay.

A statement from the Blacklist Support Group said: “Undercover police officers infiltrated our union picket lines, conferences, meetings and safety campaigns. They spied on union members and sexually abused female activists. The intelligence they gathered was shared with big business and illegal blacklisting organisations.

“The spycops’ actions were a contributory factor in long term unemployment, family break downs, and in some tragic cases, the suicides of honest construction workers who dared to stand up for basic rights.

“The police have deliberately sought to delay and obstruct the inquiry from the very start. After more than five years we are still only on Tranche 1 of the evidence hearings. And now we hear that there will be another delay. Brian Higgins, one of the blacklisted workers granted core participant status in the public inquiry has already passed away without seeing an ounce of justice. How many more people will be denied even the chance to find out why they were spied on and their human rights violated? How long can the establishment drag out this £100 million cover up?

“We recently wrote to the public inquiry calling for Lord Norman Tebbit to be forced to give evidence, due to his admission that he received briefings from Special Branch about union members. We have been informed by Paul Bishop, solicitor to the Sir John Mitting, chair to the inquiry that: ‘Should the inquiry need to approach Lord Tebbit about the issue which you raise in your letter, it will do so at the appropriate time. If that time arises, it will be in tranche 6’.

“At the current rate of delay, Tebbit will be 150 years old by then. What do blacklisted workers think of the new delay? We are bloody fuming. And so should anybody else who has an interest in democracy”.

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