Community fined £24k for “undermining” GMB recruitment campaign

Community has been ordered to pay £24,532 to GMB after “undermining” the union’s recruitment campaign at ASOS logistics firm XPO.

The GMB last year accused Community of offering free membership to XPO workers in Northamptonshire and Yorkshire sites, knowing the GMB had been running a recognition campaign at the company’s Barnsley site for two years.

At the time GMB general secretary Tim Roache accused Community of behaving like a bosses’ lackey.

Community responded by accusing GMB of “hypocrisy” for “selectively publicising” elements of a TUC ruling on a dispute between the two unions.

This week the TUC Disputes Committee ruled that Community had “clearly and significantly breached” principle 3 of the TUC’s code governing disputes, which prevents another union  directly or indirectly, undermining established unions or those engaged in organising activity.

Community was also found to be in breach of principle 2 of the TUC’s code on recruiting members of other unions.

GMB regional secretary Neil Derrick said: “GMB is the true voice for ASOS workers and be assured we’ll be stepping up our battle to win dignity and respect here in Barnsley.

“We’re firmly on the side of ASOS workers and we’ll continue to be a voice for them. These are our people, not machines and we will ensure they are treated properly.

“Workers at ASOS have been crying out for union representation of their choice, not of their bosses’ –  and that’s what they’re getting with GMB every day.

“Until ASOS bosses live up to their claims of fashion with integrity at Grimethorpe, our campaign to win respect for ASOS workers will continue.”

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