Cortes accuses Brexiteer MPs of “poisoning the well of goodwell” as UK borders closed by more than 40 countries

TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes has accused Brexiteer MPs of “poisoning the well of goodwill” with Europe, after Boris Johnson’s briefing on the closure of borders with the UK by more than 40 countries.

Cortes said: “It’s clear that Johnson’s empty ‘taking back control’ rhetoric has now met the reality of how interlinked our country is with our European neighbours. Our country’s supplies of vaccines and food are dependent on open borders with Europe.

“It’s shameful that so many Brexiteer intellectual pygmies are now in the Tory cabinet having spent years poisoning the well of goodwill our current health emergency so badly needs. Their nationalist nonsense has left us with few friends across Europe after repeated insults.”

“We can only stop this virus through global cooperation as the development of vaccines has shown. That means having a close relationship with our closest neighbours. It’s time to drop the xenophobic nationalist rubbish spewed out by Johnson and his cohorts.

“This is truly a national emergency and it is wrong for Boris Johnson to continue to rule by dictat. It is essential that Parliament is recalled immediately.”

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