COVID-19 Remember who did, who didn’t

As Charles Dickens almost said: “a national crisis shows the best of people, the worst of people.”

During the coronavirus crisis, has been reporting on how employees have treated their workers. Some have been very good. Others have been very bad.

We thought we should keep a record of who did what, so when this is all over you can choose where to spend your money.

The list isn’t exhaustive, so feel free to submit your stories to

Stay safe!

Those who did 

Amey – after intensive lobbying agreed to pay staff in full

ASDA – gave staff an extra week’s wages

Co-Op – rewarded staff

Faurecia – agreed furlough deal with Unite

Kellogg’s –  guaranteed staff wages for twelve weeks

Kuehne + Nagel – agreed furlough deal with Unite

Matalan – paid workers furlough leave

A selection of museums and galleries – agreed to furlough staff on 100%

next – closed its warehouses and distribution centres to protect workers

Numatic – switched from making vacuum cleaners to making face shields and sent all non-essential staff home

Ocado – paid 10% bonus to frontline employees

Rolls Royce – agreed furlough deal with Unite

Tesco – paid 10% bonus to hourly-paid staff

Transport for Greater Manchester – furloughed staff on 100%

Well Pharmacy – gave staff a 10% pay rise

Those who didn’t

AFC Bournemouth – furloughed staff rather than pay themselves, burdening the UK government

Amazon – kept warehouses open

ASOS – playing “Russian roulette” in crowded warehouses, ASOS kept people working while other firms closed and ASOS tried to change working conditions during the crisis

Biffa Waste Services – failed to address workers’ safety concerns

British Airways – agreed furlough deal with Unitewhich it later broke … and later announced plans to sack all 40,000 staff.

Carluccio’s – accused of wage theft

DHL – “endangered thousands” with ‘inadequate’ coronavirus social distancing and safety measures and forced self-isolating workers to survive on SSP

easyJet – announced plans to sack 30% of staff

Ford – refused to top up cleaners’ furlough wages

Gateway – sacked workers by text

Greencore – failed to tell workers a manager had tested positive for coronavirus

ISS – failed to pay cleaning, portering and catering staff at Lewisham Hospital

King’s College, London – sacked a member of staff who failed to turn up to a disciplinary during lockdown

London Early Years Foundation –  demanded workers accepted reduced hours and holidays; sick pay slashed to minimum by 1 April – or face the sack.

Lidl – failed to give workers full pay

Mainline Menswear – kept warehouse open

Net-A-Porter – kept warehouses open

Newcastle United FC – furloughed staff rather than pay them themselves, burdening the UK government

Norwich City FC – furloughed staff rather than pay themselves, burdening the UK government

P & O Ferries – slashed pay and conditions under cover of coronavirus crisis

Rolls Royce – announced plans to cut 9,000 jobs

Smulders steel – workers put at risk in “sardine” factory

Sports Direct – kept warehouses open

Stena – suspended sick pay for workers

Tottenham Hotspur FC – furloughed staff rather than pay them themselves, burdening the UK government

Wetherspoons – stopped paying its 40,000 workers. Eventually, public pressure got them to change their mind, but …

Wren Kitchens – fired workers before furlough rules kicked in

Yodel – under fire for lack of PPE

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