CWU loses High Court case against Royal Mail

The CWU has lost its case against Royal Mail in the High Court.

The company claimed the union had interfered with the ballot process and therefore the 97% result in favour of strike action was invalid.

The union argued it had done nothing wrong but the ruling means the strike action planned before Christmas cannot go ahead.

Following the result, the union tweeted:  “The High Court has ruled against us. Genuinely this is an utter outrage. 110,000 workers vs the establishment.

”Stand strong. We will not be moved.

CWU general secretary Dave Ward said: “We will be considering the judge’s detailed reasons for this but we want to make it clear that the only thing this union, its representatives and its members have done is to run a fantastic modern-day campaign to engage and encourage workers to defend their jobs.

“This injunction is not only a massive injustice to our members, it’s also an injustice to every worker in the country.

“We all need to wake up and recognise that this Tory government has deliberately stacked the rules against workers in favour of the constituency they were born to serve, which is big business and the establishment.”

The union now needs to decide whether to reballot or appeal the decision.

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