CWU members vote “Yes” in Royal Mail strike ballot

CWU members working for Royal Mail have voted overwhelmingly for strike action.

In one of the largest ‘Yes’ votes and biggest turnouts for many years, CWU members in Royal Mail Group, not including Parcelforce members, voted by 97.1% for strike action.

For legal reasons, the union’s Parcelforce members were balloted separately in two separate ballots – one on the controversial ‘TUPE’ proposals and the other on the rest of the issues in dispute. Both of these returned massive ‘Yes’ votes as well – 94.7% and 95%.

Addressing a jubilant meeting of members at Friends’ Meeting House in Euston, London, CWU general secretary Dave Ward said: “A huge thank you to our members and reps across the UK. Postal workers are not just defending their jobs, but they are defending a service that has been around for 500 years.

“We’ve got to be very clear: this vote a damning indictment in the way the company is being run. As a CEO of the company, they should be considering their position as to whether or not they stay in charge of Royal Mail

“The workforce have clearly rejected their plans to set up a separate parcel delivery service.

“What’s at stake here today is thousands and thousands of our members’ jobs and we are not going to accept that plan under any circumstances.

“We are going make sure we are going change their plans, to speak to individual shareholders and explain to them there is a better role for postal workers

“This dispute epitomises every problem workers face today: a company more interested in providing profits for shareholders, that providing a service.”

CWU deputy general secretary (postal) Terry Pullinger said: “Just over one year ago the Royal Mail Group Board and the CWU agree a blueprint agreement for the future, a progressive agreement that included a historic pension solution, a mutual interest-driven relationship and a joint vision for a successful postal service with social aims.

“Today the new RMG leadership are breaking that agreement. Our members take honour seriously and have voted to fight for that agreement against those who now seek to break up the great British Postal Service in the interest of fast track profit and greed. Integrity and prise still matters and we will not stand aside and see what we have spent our working lives building destroyed.”

Dave Ward said: “This result sends a clear message to Royal Mail Group – our members will not stand by as you rip up their terms and conditions and destroy the service they give to the public and businesses of the UK.

“We would urge Royal Mail Group to now enter serious negotiations with this union. We also call on the public to get behind this dispute and your postal workers. We are very proud of our members today. They have stood by their union in record numbers and given hope to workers across the nation.”

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