“Don’t blame Brexit,” RMT tells P&O as firm re-registers UK ferries to Cyprus

The RMT has poured scorn on P&O’s claim that Brexit was behind its decision to register UK ships with Cyprus.

The firm yesterday confirmed it was “re-flagging” its UK fleet operating on the English Channel to Cyprus, saying there would be fewer inspections and delays within the EU.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “This is pure opportunism from P&O, whose long term aim has always been to switch the UK fleet to a tax haven register, as they have already done with most of the Irish Sea and North Sea fleet.

“We demand immediate assurance from P&O that the pay and terms and conditions of over 730 RMT members in Dover are not under threat from this move. We would also expect the Shipping Minister to see this move for what it is – rank opportunism from a company owned in Dubai.

“If P&O think they can use Brexit as a smokescreen for introducing the low cost crewing model on the vital Dover-Calais route then they have got another think coming.”

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