Employment tribunals have dropped 70% since Tories introduced fees

ET employment tribunalEmployment tribunals have dropped by almost 70% since the introduction of charges of up to £1,200, a government report says.

A review of ET fees shows the new system has raised at least £8.5m but admits the 68% fall in claims has been significantly greater than was estimated when fees were first introduced. The review also details sharp falls in challenges over sex discrimination (-71%), race discrimination (-55%) and disability discrimination (-51%).

Thompsons Solicitor chief executive Stephen Cavalier tweeted: “Entirely predictable – and deliberate – consequence of Tory & LibDem law to price working people out of access to justice.”

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The government is turning a blind eye to the impact of tribunal fees. The evidence is there for all to see. Thousands are being priced out from pursuing cases each month.

“Charging people up to £1,200 to take claim has been a gift to Britain’s worse bosses. And it’s allowed discrimination at work to flourish unchallenged.

“Until the government commits to abolishing fees its commitment to ‘improve workers rights’ in post-Brexit Britain looks pretty hollow.”


UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “The introduction of fees was a terrible decision. The Lord Chancellor should be big enough now to accept her department got this one badly wrong.

“Tribunal fees should be scrapped immediately, before any more law-breaking employers escape punishment because wronged workers simply don’t have the cash to take them to court.

“Unfortunately it’s now much harder for people who’ve been treated unfairly at work to seek justice. Women have been the biggest losers, bad bosses the undoubted winners.

“The government originally said making people pay would weed out vexatious claims. All it’s done is punish lower paid employees with genuine grievances. That’s why our legal challenge continues.”

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