FBU demands answers over Land Rover scandal

The FBU has demanded to meet with Gloucestershire County Council after the county’s fire chief sold himself a fire service Land Rover at a knockdown price.

Chief fire officer Stewart Edgar last week stood down after an investigation said he demonstrated “poor judgement” over the sale of a fire service vehicle. He put the £5,000 vehicle out to tender, accepted a £500 bid, then bought it off the successful bidder.

Brent Thorley, the acting regional secretary of the FBU in the South West, said: “The overall feeling among members is that we are not being told the whole truth. Gloucestershire County Council should reveal the full details of the case and be as transparent as possible.

“We will be seeking clarity on the full details of what went on and why a full and open investigation has not taken place. There is some feeling within the brigade that there is one rule for the chief and another for us. If one of our members had made a poor judgment in the workplace they would have been treated much more harshly then the chief has been.”

Gloucestershire County Council chief executive, Pete Bungard, said: “I can confirm a complaint was recently made in relation to the disposal of a fire service vehicle. As a result an internal audit investigation was carried out.

“The investigation identified poor judgement by the chief fire officer, which he acknowledges has damaged the council’s confidence in his ability to undertake his senior leadership role. Stewart Edgar has taken responsibility for his actions and has resigned.”


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