FDA calls on Scottish government to re-investigate Salmond sexual misconduct allegations

The FDA has called on the Scottish government to re-investigate allegations of sexual misconduct made against former First Minister Alex Salmond.

The case was stopped yesterday after a judge ruled complaints against him were “unlawful in respect that they were procedurally unfair and that they were tainted with apparent bias”.

FDA general secretary Dave Penman said: “The decision to set aside the investigation into former First Minister Alex Salmond is hugely regrettable. The women who have come forward in this case deserve to have their complaints investigated fairly and a conclusion reached.

”This decision relates to a procedural flaw in how the investigation was conducted. It does not challenge the process itself or make judgement on the substance of the case. In these circumstances, subject to the wishes of the complainants, we would call on the Scottish government to re-investigate the complaints at the most appropriate time.”

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