Glastonbury off, Durham Miners off, but Tolpuddle still on … for now

© Jess Hurd

The organisers of the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival say this year’s event is still planned to go ahead.

As the organisers of Glastonbury Festival and Durham Miners’ Gala today cancelled their events, Tolpuddle organiser Nigel Costley posted on Facebook: “It is sad to see Glastonbury being called off. And now the Durham Miners’ Gala in July has been cancelled.

“We know that even if the peak has passed by July, the epidemic may still be on. The health and safety of people shall be the first consideration about the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival but if guidance allows it, we may desperately need a great party as the crisis lifts.

“Durham has been called off to relieve pressure on the police and ambulance services that are required in large numbers at the Big Meeting. That is not the case for Tolpuddle.

“It is hard to predict where the epidemic will be by July and the mood of the nation may be very different by then. We may have no choice but to cancel and refund anyone who has already booked. But we may also need to mobilise for a very special gathering in the name of solidarity.

“We shall be consulting with unions and the local community at every stage but I want us to hold our nerve until much closer to the time even if this incurs further costs.

“Stay well, take the advice of your union at this time and keep July 17-19 in your diary.”

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