GMB protests against derecognition at Barchester Healthcare homes

GMB members protest outside Broadway Halls in Dudley against plans by Barchester Care Homes to derecognise the union @GMBStuart

GMB members are protesting at dozens of care homes after Barchester Healthcare, which employs more than 30,000 employees, has begun the process of derecognising the union.

GMB lead organiser Rachel Fagan said: “If the government genuinely wants to help level-up low-paid workers and forgotten communities it cannot possibly be relaxed about care bosses stepping up the decade long race-to-the-bottom on the rights of care workers.

“GMB isn’t going to stand on ceremony; we are campaigning for £15 an hour social care minimum.

“That’s the only way to tackle the growing understaffing crisis in social care and to confront the chronic exploitation of a workforce of pre-dominantly women and BAME workers.

“De-recognition of unions by Barchester is just the thin end of the wedge on what could be a fresh attack on employment rights and value in the social care sector. This isn’t levelling-up, this is levelling-down.

“And what covid has ruthlessly exposed is that ministers cannot take a back seat on the future of social care delivery – that’s how care workers end-up mired in a pandemic without proper PPE or sick pay.

“It’s got to be so much better than this.”

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