GMB wins another pay rise for members at Kingston Hospital

The GMB has successfully secured a sizeable pay rise for their members who work as cleaners at Kingston Hospital.

Following a campaign led by GMP reps the outsourced NHS workers, employed by private contractor ISS, will receive an extra 15p per hour meaning they are now being paid the real London Living Wage.

This pay rise is the latest in a series won by the GMB members at Kingston Hospital, through collective trade union activity. During 2018-2019 a wave of union protests outside the hospital resulted in wages being raised by 6% over the course of six months.

GMB regional organiser Helen O’Connor said: “Our members made huge sacrifices coming into a hospital environment during the Covid-19 pandemic and they demanded to be rewarded by ISS.

“A petition launched by GMB reps attracted more than a hundred signatures and GMB has been informed that this led directly to senior management arriving on site and making a quick decision to raise the workers’ pay.

“The collective action by our brave reps and members proves that if workers are willing to get organised and work with their union, they can take on their bosses and win –  even during a global pandemic.”

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