Here comes the summer …

The Wakes (pictured) are headlining TUFAC’s Party for the Partisans in January. Buy your tickets here:

As the Undertones sung: “Here comes the summer” … so we’re off on our annual break.

Thanks for your support over the last twelve months. We’ve seen record-breaking hits on the site – 266,000 in the last four months alone – as, prompted by the government’s  incompetence and many employers’ vindictiveness, people have realised that often it is trade unions – and only trade unions – keeping them in a job and, in some cases, keeping them alive.

We’ll see you on the other side. In the meantime, keep well and keep safe. And if you want to buy tickets to this awesome gig in London on January 23 2021 featuring our friends The Wakes, Steve White & The Protest Family, Robb Johnson & The Irregulars, I, Doris, Maddy Carty, Joe Solo, Matt Wrack, Paul Nowak and the LAHAD DJ Sound System, then so much the better.

La luta continua!

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