Luton Airport cleaners commence Christmas strike

Luton Airport cleaners today begin a week-long strike over pay.

The Unite members employed by Sasse are taking action until 6.29am on December 28.

Unite regional officer Jeff Hodge said: “Cleaners at Luton have been forced to take strike action over Christmas because Luton Airport and Sasse refuse to pay workers a wage that they can live on.

“This year alone there have been five separate disputes over pay involving workers at the airport. Luton Airport awarded Sasse the contract while it made profits of nearly £40 million. It is an absolute disgrace that the airport and its contractor Sasse won’t pay hard working cleaners a living wage.

On November 5 the Living Wage Foundation announced an increase in the real Living Wage by 35p an hour to £10.55 in London and by 25p to £9 outside the capital.

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