MPs demand Wetherspoons boss pay his workers

More than 90 MPs have written to Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin demanding he pays their staff.

The Brexit-supporting billionaire yesterday provoked widespread criticism for stopping pay for his 40,000 staff, telling them to get a job at Tesco instead.

Now MPs have called on him to prevent a gap in income for his workers, guarantee 100% of workers’ wages and pay bonuses workers are due.

A letter signed by more than 90 MPs says the company’s treatment of staff is falling short during the national crisis. The MPs say letting thousands of staff go penniless for a prolonged period of time is disgraceful. The MPs suggest the millions of profits that Wetherspoons workers have helped create could more than pay for the measures.

Sheffield Hallam MP Olivia Blake, who co-ordinated the letter, and is Vice-Chair of the BFAWU Parliamentary group said: “JD Wetherspoon’s decision to let tens of thousands of workers go without money to pay their rent or feed their families is an utter disgrace. At this time of national crisis, everyone, including Tim Martin, needs to come together to put people and not profits first.”

The full list of MPs who signed the letter will be uploaded shortly.

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