NEU launches app to help teachers escalate action to close unsafe schools

The NEU has launched an app to help teachers escalate their concerns about COVID-19 safety in schools.

The ‘escalation’ app will ask members some general questions before asking if there are any concerns in their workplace and what stage, outlined below, best describes which stage they are at.

  • Stage 1: You have discussed your concerns as members and are planning an NEU meeting.
  • Stage  2: Your union group is going to meet with head and/or SLT to raise concerns.
  • Stage 3: Your concerns haven’t been dealt with by leadership and you want to escalate further.
  • Stage 4: Your union group wants further support.

While completing the app, reps will be asked if they want support with any of the escalation stages above. Once they have completed it, they will get a thank you email with the answers they gave, and their local branch will also get a copy.

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