PCS calls for enquiry into Cummings’ ‘injustice’

The PCS has called for an enquiry into the Dominic Cummings affair.

The Prime Minister’s chief aide has been accused of breaking lockdown rules by driving from London to Durham with his wife, who was displaying coronavirus symptoms, for childcare.

Following last night’s defence of Cummings by the Prime Minister, the PCS tweeted: “PCS recognises how difficult & tough the lockdown has been for members in the past few weeks.

“We are outraged that there appears to be different rules for senior government advisors than for our members & the public.

“The cabinet office must conduct an enquiry into this injustice.”

Other union leaders have also criticised Cummings for his actions.

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One thought on “PCS calls for enquiry into Cummings’ ‘injustice’

  1. When found guilty, can we also ask that he be barred from profiting from any company who he either had any involvement with, or profited from the crisis, and is also disbarred from being a company director for life?

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