PCS condemns plans to close 42 DWP offices

PCS demonstration outside DWP Leeds in 2012. Leeds is not affected by this round of closures.

The PCS has condemned government plans to close 42 Department of Work and Pension offices, putting 8,280 jobs at risk.

The union says 1,188 jobs are threatened when 13 sites are closed, with 7,092 further members of staff at risk of redundancy when the remaining premises are transferred to other premises by June 2023.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “The government was quick to clap civil servants at the start of the pandemic; they’re even quicker to scrap them now they’ve declared the pandemic over.

“Our members have worked tirelessly behind the scenes, keeping the country running, paying out benefits to almost two and a half million families, helping them to put food on their table and keep a roof over their head.

“These are the workers rightly praised in 2020 by Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Theresa Coffey as ‘exceptional’ and in November last year by Prime Minister Boris Johnson as ‘miracle workers’.

 “But now, as food and fuel prices rise faster than ever, they’re being abandoned by the government and left to fend for themselves.

“Their union will be there for them, fighting for their jobs. But if they need support from the state, who will provide it when they’re gone?”

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