PCS: Ignore Gove and work from home

The PCS has said advice for government workers from the Cabinet Office remains to stay working from home if they can, despite contradictory and confusing messages from Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove.

Gove told Sky News on Sunday: “Of course, in some cases it is appropriate and convenient for people to work from home, but we want to make sure that where people can add value, where the economy can benefit from people being at work, that they are at work.”

But the Cabinet Office advice remains “people who can work from home should continue to do so. Employers should decide, in consultation with their employees, whether it is viable for them to continue working from home. Where it is decided that workers should come into their place of work then this will need to be reflected in the risk assessment and actions taken to manage the risks of transmission in line with this guidance.”

The Department for Work and Pensions announced on Friday that it is piloting combining working from home with working at the office. At more than 20 test sites, management will seek volunteers to combine working from home with working from the office in one of four ways:

  • One day a week in the office, four at home
  • Two days a week in the office, three at home
  • One week in four in the office, three at home
  • One week in the office, one week at home.

PCS has 5 tests which are intended to support both those currently working at open workplaces, and those homeworking and facing a potential return.

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