POA challenges decisions not to prosecute spitting prisoners

The POA is to challenge a decision not to prosecute prisoners accused of spitting at prison officers.

Members of the union’s NEC heard several incidents of spitting at members in prisons have been rejected for prosecution.

POA general secretary Steve Gillan told union-news.co.uk: “POA members deserve protection at work. Spitting at prison staff during COVID-19 is an offence and should be prosecuted, not referred back to the establishment to deal with under the adjudication process under prison rules.

“Where our members refer an assault such as spitting to the police we expect it to be dealt with. Two cases have been referred to our lawyers where the matter hasn’t been referred to the Crown Prosecution Service.

“The POA has been successful on numerous occasions against chief constables when our lawyers under our instructions have challenged them for not pursuing assaults against our members. I hope common sense prevails on these issues and the individuals are charged for spitting as that will send a clear message that it is unacceptable.”

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