POA in court today, charged with contempt

The POA today appears in court, charged with contempt following last year’s walk-out over prison violence.

The union, which is banned from taking strike action by the government, says last year’s walk-out over violence in prisons was a health and safety issue, not a strike.

The Secretary of State is today claiming the action – and that of POA members who in February walked out at Liverpool Prison following the sacking of a member – was in contempt of the High Court injunction preventing strike action.

POA chair Mark Fairhurst told union-news.co.uk: “As the most restricted trade union on the planet we have a duty to ensure our members safety at work is paramount. Our argument is not with the judiciary. It is with an employer who prefers to run us into court instead of sitting around a table and a Secretary of State who had the option to drop this prosecution. Our fight continues to protect our members and we will never back down.’

In March, the POA held a rally in Westminster demanding the right to strike.

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