Royal Mail to give notice to all postal workers on fixed term contracts

CWU members at Chelmsford prepare to vote in the Royal Mail strike ballot. Pic from @CWUnews

The CWU has condemned as “incredibly insensitive” plans revealed today – two days before Christmas – by Royal Mail to give notice to all workers on fixed term contracts.

In a message to members, the union’s deputy general secretary (postal) Terry Pullinger said: “It beggars belief after all the problems you have had at local level recruiting and retaining urgently needed staff and struggling with our Quality of Service in some areas (much maligned in the national press) that such an approach should be taking place at all times, the day before Christmas Eve.

“To be absolutely clear none of this has been agreed at National level and we have received no written proposal on the approach therefore we consider this Executive Action which breaches many of our national agreements.
“We will be making representation at national level to resolve this and change the managerial position but in the meantime any local approaches to cease fixed term contracts (other than extra Christmas resource which is agreed locally as no longer required) or to give notice on agreed Scheduled Attendance as part of normal agreed duty structures and earnings packages, should be the subject of an immediate disagreement in line with the IR Framework.
“I apologise again for having to report this to you, it is an incredibly insensitive and strategically naïve piece of management, totally at odds with the trust culture we have been trying to build and the many other initiatives we have been jointly deploying to empower decision making locally and not nationally driven diktat.”
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