Union anger as reps denied facility time at Lothian Buses

Unite members working for Lothian Buses are taking part in a consultative ballot after branch officers had their facility time withdrawn by management.

The union believes the move is in response to collective grievances being lodged over poor workplace relations.

Unite has continually stated there are real concerns over the conduct of senior management which includes delaying an offer by ACAS. It says the latest development to withdraw facility time for reps is indicative of the “unreasonable” and “unjust” way that senior management has dealt with workplace issues.

Union members today began a consultative ballot that runs until April 12. Previous action last year was averted following a meeting held at ACAS, which led to the signing of a procedural agreement. Unite believed this agreement would provide a fair way to deal with workers’ concerns.

Unite regional officer Lyn Turner said: “The hostile and bullying environment being deliberately created by Lothian Buses’ management will not go unchallenged. The disgraceful action to withdraw facility time for our union representatives is the latest move to intimidate our members.

“There prevails a culture where workers genuinely fear for their jobs and now Unite members are being denied the opportunity to be effectively represented. We have tried to raise industrial and procedural issues with Lothian Buses’ senior management including offering to go to mediation through Acas, but the company has repeatedly frustrated this process. The imminent ballot will determine how we move forward, but I am 100% certain we will be given a mandate to hold a legal ballot, and then Lothian Buses will have a dispute on its hands.”

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