Union leaders criticise Cummings over Durham lockdown trip

Trade union leaders have criticised the Prime Minister’s chief aide Dominic Cummings after it was revealed he travelled more than 250 miles from London to Durham during lockdown even though he had coronavirus symptoms.

FDA general secretary Dave Penman tweeted: “As I told @JustinOnWeb on @BBCr4today  the PM has to understand, if it looks like one rule for those at the centre of government and another for the rest of the country, then he has a responsibility – as well as a constitutional responsibility – to explain Cummings’ actions.”

He later tweeted: “Ultimately this is a matter for the Prime Minister, but there will be families up and down the country who faced very similar circumstances and interpreted the rules in a very different way to Dominic Cummings.”

CWU general secretary Dave Ward tweeted: “Cummings is digging a big fat hole. Why didn’t his sister come and pick up the children? Want to know what sort of person Cummings is? He tested his herd immunity strategy on his own mum and dad. PM telling us to ‘take it on the chin’, advisor making own rules. Shambles.”

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