Unions demand government intervention to save Eurostar jobs

Unions have called on the government to intervene to save jobs at Eurostar after the company announced it is ‘taking steps to protect Eurostar for the long term by reducing costs’.

Eurostar has said the fallout from the Coronavirus crisis meant it would be ‘reducing our payroll costs’, with reduced hours and part time working to ‘keep any potential redundancy to a minimum’.

TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes said: “We will work constructively with Eurostar and ministers to protect our members’ jobs and the future of this vital service.

“Sadly, the Conservative Government sold our country’s share in Eurostar in 2015 while the French and Belgian Governments continue to own their share of this Company and will no doubt intervene to save jobs in their countries. Our government must step up to do likewise.

“Eurostar provides a green strategic link between Britain and our European neighbours. It’s absolutely crucial that these services are retained and once we come out the other side of this terrible pandemic, expanded so we can meet the challenges of climate change.

“We can say for sure that Eurostar will continue providing the most environmentally friendly passenger transport services between Britain and Continental Europe. It’s therefore vital that all its staff are retained until its services return to normal.”

RMT senior assistant general secretary Mick Lynch said: “RMT is demanding government support to protect Eurostar jobs and services from the fall out of the COVID-19 pandemic and to recognise the long term importance to the British economy of these cross-channel transport services  as we look to the future. Short-term cuts would have dire long-term consequences.

“The Eurostar announcement mirrors similar cuts plans coming out of the ferry sector and would have particularly serious implications for the economy of Kent.

“RMT will be seeking urgent talks with the government to stop this cull of jobs and services which would leave Britain ill-equipped to kick-start the economy with cross-channel tourism and trade.”

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