Unite wins £25m in 100 days since Sharon Graham was elected

Unite has won pay increases worth more than £25m in the 100 days since Sharon Graham was elected general secretary.

The union credits the success to the “radical changes” introduced by Sharon Graham and says the money amounts to a quarter of a million pound of wins every day she has been in office. A list of key wins is here.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “Unite is now dedicated to doing what it says on the trade union tin – fighting for jobs pay and conditions. Unite reps and officers across the UK and Ireland are making that a reality.

“The pay deals won for Unite workers in my first 100 days are a cast-iron confirmation of that. We are winning better deals for Unite members and we intend to continue to do just that for the next 100 days and beyond.”

The union has been involved in a record number of industrial disputes, over recent months. In Sharon Graham’s first 100 days more than 40 industrial disputes have been resolved.

A dedicated disputes unit has been established to assist members, to ensure that they have all the information and support that they need to ensure that Unite always secures the best possible outcome in its disputes. This unit will triple in size in the coming months.

Sharon Graham said: “From the first day of my election I said I was going to focus Unite on getting back to the workplace, that the days of the political dog wagging the union’s industrial tail were over.

“I have set up a special disputes unit within the current union structures to make sure every step is taken to win disputes for our workers. This is a new, powerful response to what needs to be done to lead the union fightback across the UK and Ireland”.

 Unite recognises that there are great challenges facing the trade unions, saying it is no co-incidence that the falling share of wealth going to workers across the UK and Ireland has been matched by the decline of collective bargaining and the drop in membership of unions. The number of workers organised by unions has dropped by half since the turn of the century. However Unite’s leader believes today’s circumstances present an opportunity to make sure workers do not pay the price of the pandemic.

Sharon Graham said: “I believe this is a moment of opportunity for the trade union movement. We must grasp it. Building a powerful union capable of winning disputes and workplace battles is the best protection that I can offer my members through the pandemic and as the country deals with its aftermath.

“The union grows by winning. It is our aim to keep winning so that ‘fire and rehire’ strategies will be confounded and workers don’t pay the price of the pandemic.”

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