Usdaw praises Asda and Tesco for recognising staff contribution to tackling coronavirus crisis

Usdaw has praised bosses at Asda and Tesco for recognising the essential work and huge contribution staff are making during these difficult times.

Asda has given staff an extra week’s pay and Tesco a 10% bonus to hourly-paid staff.

Usdaw general secretary Paddy Lillis said:“Usdaw members working in supermarkets, distribution, home delivery, pharmacies, food and drug manufacturing and funeral workers are delivering essential services to help communities through the coronavirus emergency. They all deserve our appreciation and support through these difficult times.

“So we very much welcome these intitatives. Staff are working long hours in busy stores, putting themselves at risk from customer abuse and of course increasing their potential exposure to the virus and contracting COVID-19.

“In these difficult circumstances it is absolutely right that retailers recognise that their staff are going more than the extra mile. We hope other companies follow suit and that customers treat shopworkers with the respect they thoroughly deserve.”

Usdaw is urging customers to please help retail workers by:

  • treating shopworkers with courtesy & respect
  • washing your hands first
  • only buying what you need
  • maintaining physical distance
  • paying with contactless if you can
  • shopping alone if possible.


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