Win! UNISON turns away Russian tankers bound for UK

The Russian tankers due to unload gas in the UK today have been turned away after a campaign from UNISON.

The Boris Vilkitsky and Fedor Litke were bound for Kent despite a law passed on Tuesday banning ships with any Russian connection from all UK ports.

UNISON members working at the port were angry they might be asked to unload the ships’ cargoes. They said they feared losing their jobs if they refused once the ships were have anchored off the Isle of Grain.

But yesterday National Grid, which operates the terminal, confirmed it was now no longer expecting any deliveries of Russian gas.

UNISON national officer for energy Matt Lay said: “This will come as a relief to the Grain terminal workers, but while it looks like our intervention has been successful in seeing these ships turned away, a more fundamental problem remains.

“The government must act immediately to close the loophole that does not cover the origin of vessels’ cargo and stop Russian goods continuing to arrive in the UK under the cover of another country.”

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